It’s so easy to buy insurance online - or is it?

Buying insurance online does just one thing. It compares prices but has no regard for its potential to perform to the expectations of the purchaser or their business risks.

Disputed insurance claims occur because businesses think they are buying the insurance they need, but, because on-line insurance is usually very basic it probably only provides minimal protection.

On-line insurance is cheap because it does not offer advice on the individual needs of the business and are usually quite open in saying that it does not make recommendations and it is the responsibility of the consumer to make the choice.

Many businesses are buying insurance on-line only to find, at claim time, that although it was easier and cheaper it didn’t give them any of the insurance covers their business really needed. Savings made online or over the phone will pale into insignificance if a fire claim is not paid because you weren’t aware of the fine print which said you had to have a fire blanket or extinguishers.

When business transactions are completed over the internet and your asked to tick a box agreeing to terms and conditions you are quite likely entering into a legally binding contract. To protect from unexpected outcomes, always seek professional advice before entering into any contract.

Insurance company advertising is encouraging us to enter into complicated contracts without seeking advice with outcomes which can be extremely detrimental to your business. When it comes to insurance every business has individual needs and without proper interaction with a professional it is unlikely your insurance will be adequate.

There is a simple solution. An insurance broker is a professional, experienced and trained to understand the intricacies of your business. The advice obtained from an insurance broker will ensure that every loophole is addressed and the insurances you buy will provide the solutions you and your business require.

Make a positive move today, ditch on-line products and explore the real benefits an insurance broker can provide.

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