Reducing Business Risks for Professionals

Business Insurance for Women offers a range of insurance for professionals who are experts in their field. From IT and management consultants to legal eagles, accountants or advertising gurus, we've got you covered.

We can cover you for a range of needs including your professional indemnity, property and equipment, liability for personal injury or damage to a third party's property. We can also cover you and your employees when a business trip is required.

Here's how it works

Kate is a brand professional with her own business. In an effort to win more business Kate launches a website. On the site he has a number of case studies she has written about companies she thinks are doing great and not-so-great things with their brand. In one of these case studies Kate criticises a high profile company. The marketing department of that company reads the negative case study and launches legal action against Kate for defamation.

Fortunately, Kate had the foresight to purchase Management Liability insurance covering her for defamation, breach of privacy or intellectual property arising out of material published on a business website.

And another scenario

Sarah is an IT management consultant helping a client to migrate to a new technology operating platform. However, an oversight in her design of the IT architecture means the system fails to work as intended when it goes live. This creates significant business continuity and reputational issues for her client.

Fortunately, Sarah has Professional Indemnity insurance covering her for legal costs and damages arising from an act, error or omission when providing professional services. It was a hard lesson to learn, but one Sarah had the ability to recover from thanks to her insurance.

Professional Indemnity
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