Reducing Business Risks for Wholesale and Manufacturing Companies

There are many elements to wholesale trade and manufacturing. From your factory, its machinery and stock, to the people who visit your premises, Business Insurance for Women’s (BIFW) range of insurance can protect your business.

Here's how it works

LTHB & Co manufactures and sells wholesale security doors and windows. One day a piece of machinery malfunctions and causes a fire in LTHB's main factory. The fire spreads for about ten metres before the factory's workers can extinguish the flames.

While the quick actions of the workers prevent the fire from getting out of control, the damage is still significant. The faulty machine has been burned unrecognisable and a number of shelves of expensive materials have also been destroyed.

LTHB's Business Insurance policy means the machinery and stock can be replaced. Their policy's Business Interruption insurance makes up for the loss of income experienced when the factory or logistic centre closes to make the necessary repairs.

Business Insurance
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